Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.  Dr. John Poston and his team will work with you to create a treatment plan best suited for your orthodontic needs.

Why Braces?

Dentists recommend braces to improve a patient’s facial and dental appearance.  Braces can correct problems such as crowded or crooked teeth, overbites, underbites , gaps in teeth and incorrect jaw position.  If left untreated patients have an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease, biting or chewing problems.

Braces can help people feel better about themselves.  Many people are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth.  Because of this they will smile with their mouths closed.  After treatment with braces these same patients smile naturally to show off their new look.

How long do I have the wear braces?

The length of treatment depends on your treatment plan.  Complicated cases generally require longer treatment times.  Patients can generally count on staying in braces for 12 to 24 months, followed by wearing removable retainers.

Do I have to avoid any foods of personal habits?

Yes. Cut down on sweets, chips and soda. Sugary and starchy foods generate acids and plaque that can cause tooth decay and promote gum disease.

Cut healthy, hard foods like carrots or apples into smaller pieces. Sticky, chewy sweets like caramel can cause wire damage and loosen brackets.  Avoid hard and crunch snacks that can break braces, including popcorn nuts and hard candy.

How do I care for my braces?

With braces, oral hygiene is more important than ever.  Braces have tiny spaces where food particles and plaque get trapped. Brush carefully after each meal with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse with a fluoride mouth rinse daily.  Take time to floss between braces and under wires. Have your teeth cleaned every six months to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Insufficient cleaning while wearing braces can cause enamel staining around brackets or bands.

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